Lake Life at 3 & 5 Woods Lane in Winchester, CT

Gliding (Part I)

Its a gorgeous day. I slip into my kayak and head off on the water for a quick paddle. Puffy clouds overhead, all i can hear is the sound of the blade in the water and the birds chattering. I head to the northern edge of the pond, checking out the blueberry bushes that grow wild along the banks. If you are careful you can pick some right from your boat and pop them right into your mouth! Just don’t lean over too much or you’ll do an accidental eskimo roll! Guess it’s a little early, the berries still look kind of green right now. So, lets look for turtles and I head to the cove. Its a day they love to head out to the partially submerged downed tree and sit on the log to warm their cold blooded bodies. You need to sneak up on them, quietly or they spook so I stop paddling and drift along. I see a couple underwater, swimming along but nothing on the log. I close in on their territory and suddenly splash,splash – a couple of them pop into the water. Totally missed them, they are perfectly blended with the surrounding colors.  I sit for a little while, just enjoying the total serenity of that cove – no people, no houses, just wildness.


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