Lake Life at 3 and 5 Woods Lane in Winchester, CT (Catching Frogs)

Catching Frogs (Part II)

When our kids were little, frogs were absolutely magical but elusive. At the pond you can hear them, almost a combination of squeaking and rubber band pulled taut and stroked. Kids would head to the edge of the water, following that sound. Where is that bullfrog? Sneaking up, quietly walking. Get close to the sound. Suddenly you see him, then JUMP, he’s gone. Luck can strike – once in a while they would manage to catch one. Holding that big frog with both hands, with the long legs hanging down. Mom takes a picture of that pond moment. Then, put your hands down on the ground and gently let go. Mr. Frog happily jumps away free of the tormentor. Proud moment captured – CAUGHT ONE!


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