Mortgage Interest Rates Update


Have you been thinking about buying a new home?  Now is the time!  Mortgage Interest Rates have been unstable from time to time and most of us are in shock when there is a sudden rate changes.  To alleviate some of the stress, here is an update for you! These rates are subject to change.  It is always wise to keep your eye on the market AND visit our website to check out more great properties and the latest interest rates at


The figures are as follows :

3.875% = 30 Yrs. No Points/With a Closing Credit

3.125% – 15 Yrs. No Points

3.375% – FHA No Points/with a closing credit

4.25%  – Investment(3-4Fam.)

3.5%   – VA with Closting Credit

3.5%   – USDA with Closing Cost Credit


Rates are updated as of 2/17/2015.

Based on the information rates are getting better for homebuyers as it drops below 4% for some weeks now. So if you are thinking of shopping for a home, now would be the best time! Updated rates are from Ward Kilduff Mortgage LLC. If you happen to be interested in getting detailed or more information, Contact Us at and we will be more than happy to help you get started buying or selling YOUR next home!  It’s time to hire the #1 Team at Keller Williams Realty in Greater Hartford, Connecticut.

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