June 29 2013, Things to Do in CT, Canton’s “Canton Barn LLC” + PIE!!!



Antique bargains are a sure bet at this auction house.!!! But heres the Best they have!!!

If you are ever bored on a Saturday evening, and you want something to do. Take a drive to Canton CT, To the Canton Barn Auctions.Its held every Saturday evening. It starts around 7;30.. They have a wide array of antiques and collectibles to sell every week.. The owners are Richard and Susan Wacht. Very nice people. Richard is a very amusing chap, has been in the antique auction business, since he was a kid. He is extremely knowledgeable, in these areas.

He is also very knowledgeable in the pie baking area. He bakes 13 different types of pies, every week, to sell at his snack bar in the back. These are all homemade, from his mothers recipes, that were handed down to him. Every week he bakes them! I think he has even published a cookbook about them his pies are drop dead Delicious!. Awesome place to be on a saturday night! Sorry children under 16 not allowed.

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