Cell Phones For Seniors

Starr Realty Group is joining the mission to bring communication to the fingertips of our local seniors!  Our Cell Phone For Seniors Drive will provide free cell phones to seniors in Farmington and West Hartford.  The cell phone can be activated and be used for daily communication, or it can remain unactivated and be used for emergency 911 calls only.  Any light weight cell phone can fit right in the pocket or handbag and be wireless lifeline to emergency help.  There are many cell phones designed specifically for seniors featuring larger buttons and a stylish easy to hold design, however for the purpose of our drive, we will be collecting all new and used cell phone styles.  There are several cell phone providers that offer special plans for seniors such as Jitterbug or ClarityLife or discounts through their AARP plan.  Citizens can donate their cell phone by bringing it to the Keller Williams Office located at 524 Hopmeadow Rd. Simsbury, CT.  An outdoor drop box is available for after hours drop off.

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